Social Skills

The Social Skills Faculty includes the subjects PE, PSHE and Social Skills (KS 5 only) which includes Sex and Safety.

KS3 PE: pupils work on a scheme of work that prepares them for the Entry Level qualification taken in KS4 by enabling them to take part in games that they will cover in key stage 4 (football, basketball, cricket, rounders etc). Other sports taught include racket sports, swimming (year 8’s), Kurling, fitness training and athletics.

PE Events take place throughout the year with different key stages representing the school including football matches at Aston Villa Indoor centre and against Spring Hill and Langley. Orienteering sessions at Sutton Park take place for year 11 pupils. KS4 pupils complete a Bikeability course in cycling and have lessons from a golf instructor. The school runs a whole school Sports Day in the summer term.

We have pupils acting as Sports Leaders each year, these pupils are chosen for their aptitude for coaching, performing and assisting staff.

PSHE – KS3 students work through topics that will help to prepare them to be a part of the community and prepare them for the Entry Level work that they take in KS4 which is differentiatedby ability as to which level they study. Topics covered aim to equip them with the skills necessary to keep safe, healthy and improve social skills. Sex Education is delivered to classes across key stages and the Loudmouth Performance Group do a Sexual Relationships Performance and workshops for
pupils in both KS3 and KS4.

KS5 pupils take OCNWMR units in PSHE, PE, Sex and Safety and Social Skills to go towards their Life Skills qualification.

Social Skills lessons in KS 5 provide a framework through which pupils practise their Social Language skills in a group situation focusing on aspects such as self-awareness and self-esteem, body language, conversational skills, friendship skills and assertiveness skills. The pupils often ‘role play’ different situations. The lessons aim to promote positive relationships, create a caring and respectful ethos and to develop interpersonal and social abilities.

Topics covered for sex and safety included ‘Personal safety’, ‘Introduction to sex and relationships’, ‘Home and personal safety awareness’. The sex and relationship topic built on the sex education sessions that pupils had previously encountered.

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The Life Skills qualification for KS5 pupils includes units for PSHE, PE, Sex and Safety and Social Skills.