ICT and computing is taught as both a discrete and cross curricular subject through Key Stage 3, 4 and 5. The aim of the ICT and Computing faculty is to provide pupils with a stimulating and interesting learning environment which enables the delivery of a broad and balanced ICT and computing curriculum.

We aim to provide students with the opportunity to sample a range of applications and information systems. Furthermore we also develop knowledge, understanding and capabilities of computing.

We provide experiences which are challenging, stimulating and relevant to the present and future needs of the pupils. All students have the opportunity to achieve their potential through differentiated programmes of study which are varied in nature including: Practical tasks, Formal teaching, Interactive teaching, Project work, Group work and opportunities beyond the classroom.

We endeavour to have a modern focus on developing skills to ensure pupils are equipped with the necessary capabilities and knowledge to function in our ever developing technological world at both a personal and work related level.

Key stage 3

ICT and computing at Key stage 3 is currently under review as we want to ensure we are meeting our aims and objects for the future. We wish to foster renewed engagement of pupils through a curriculum which supports real life experiences and nurtures progression through the key stages.

Teaching will embrace the following national curriculum areas at Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4

Teaching at Key stage 4 will be centred on the qualification structures, completing associated coursework and preparing for exams.

The Key stage 4 qualifications for ICT are all validated by the TLM company and include:-

Key Stage 5

Teaching at Key stage 5 encompasses a practical approach in information Technology skills required for living and work, empowering pupils’ independence.

Key stage 5 Qualifications include:-

All qualifications are commensurate with the student’s ability and all students are entered for the correct level of award.