2017 New GCSE 1-9


2016 and 2015 Results


FFT data for 2017, new 1-9 GCSE (pupil progress +0.05 average pts score above national average).

FFT data for 2016 (pupil progress +0.67 average point above national average).

FFT data for 2015 (pupil progress +0.29 average point above national average).

Since 2015, pupils taking GCSEs have been dual entered and receive an Entry Level Qualification.


Maths Faculty Overview


The KS3 curriculum has specifically selected KS2 strands to meet the needs of the students at Queensbury.  It is designed to embed mathematical understanding in key areas of Number, Measurement, Geometry and Statistics. Where students are working at P-Levels, they receive bespoke teaching and learning to meet their needs.  The objectives of the department are to encourage learning by relating maths to real-life, develop confidence and mental fluency, have fun and not be afraid to make mistakes.


At KS4 students follow their respective pathways:


Students, who follow the Entry Level Qualification, can attain an Entry Level 1 through to an Entry Level 3.  Entry Level is assessed through two written tests and learners undertake a real life project and are assessed on the mathematical skills undertaken in order to ensure the success of their project.  List of possible projects are planning a trip, creating a tuck shop, ordering/ sorting stock and starting a community car wash business.


GCSE Mathematics is a vital component in students’ learning to ensure that students leave school with strong numerical skills and the ability to use problem solving skills. The subject includes topics within algebra, number, statistics and geometry.  Each can be extended and supportive to pupil ability, in year 9 and then moving into year 10.  There is an emphasis on making sure that pupils have a thorough understanding of the key numerical and algebraic skills that are developed within maths in preparation for their GCSE course so that when they reach year 11 they are able to practise applying these skills in exam situations.

Sixth students partake in an OCN Maths Qualification, where they can achieve Entry Level 1- Level 1 Qualification. They cover units: Addition, Subtraction, Time, Weight, Money, Length and Width and Data.
The skills learnt during this qualification has been designed to enable learners to:

• gain skills in addition and subtraction
• tell the time
• be able to extract information from data
• know about length, width and height
• learn how to count money
• prepare learners for employment
• support a role in the workplace

All GCSE students have access to Mathswatch and are encouraged to work independently at home.
We also offer a range of extra support for Year 11 pupils in the run-up to their GCSE exams, after school revision sessions.
All year 10 Students visit RAF Cosford for an annual Maths/Science Trip.
Staff make strong links between maths and real-life
Strong Cross curriculum links with Science department.