E-Safety – MOMO

Dear Parents/Guardians
As a school, it has been brought to our attention that there is a very worrying new trend that has spread quickly via social media including YouTube, YouTubekids, WhatsApp and also on Fortnite etc. We are aware that many of our children have access to those platforms.
Staff have informed me that some students at Queensbury are aware of MOMO and may be susceptible to the risks. 
It consists of a very creepy character which threatens children and encourages them to take part in a variety of dares which are extremely serious in nature. Parents can download a guide via the ‘National Online Safety’ website who are offering further information and advice – ‘MOMO Challenge Guide for Parents’ via…guides/momo-online-safety-guide-for-parents
We are also aware that the MOMO asks people to add a number to WhatsApp, which may then enable hackers behind the scam to steal personal information.
We feel it is very important that parents/guardians are made aware of MOMO and ask that you carefully and responsibly monitor your child’s use of any form of social media.
Chris Wilson – Acting Head teacher  
Please see the following Poster from National Online Safety