Leavers Destinations

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In 2017, 11 Year 11 students (32%) secured a place at a local college to continue their studies. The variety of colleges which students moved on to include; BMET, SCCB, Walsall, Bournville, Sandwell and Solihull. The remaining 23 students (68%) moved on to Queensbury’s 6th Form.

Academic Year EndingJuly 2014July 2015July 2016July 2017
Year 116th FormYear 116th FormYear 116th FormYear 116th Form
BMET College011741044
SCCB College4102121627
Walsall College33000003
Sandwell College11000110
Solihull College20210112
Bournville College00000010
Wilson Stuart - The Hive02040505
Trinity Specialist College00010300
Hear of B'ham VOC College00000103
Derwen College00000100
QA College01040702