Exam Timetable 2018

Exam timetable for 2018.

9th May 2018Art PracticalAll day
10th May 2018Art PracticalAll day
15th May 2018Combined SciencePM    EARLY LUNCH
17th May 2018Combined scienceAM
22nd May 2018ICT (half of 11R)AM
23rd May 2018Combined sciencePM Early LUNCH
24th May 2018MathsAM
25th May 2018ICT (2 nd  Half of 11R)AM
5th June 2018English LanguageAM
7th June 2018MathsAM
8th June 2018English LanguageAM
11th June 2018Combined ScienceAM
12th June 2018MathsAM
13th June 2018Combined ScienceAM
15th June 2018Combined ScienceAM
29th June 2018Contingency day set by exam boardsAll students should be available in case exams move